MSc Dissertation (by research)

Student Title Defense datesort ascending Details
Raisa Morgado de Castro Monsores Information, packaging, music, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and its influence on acceptance, emotions and perceptions about sugar-free chocolate. 05/11/2021 MSc dissertation
Matheus de Paula Lopes Development of plant-based ice cream from water-soluble flaxseed extract combined with soy extract and sweet powder. 27/10/2021 MSc dissertation
Germano Rodrigues Furtado dos Santos Optimization of basil drying (Ocimum gratissimum L.) aiming to reduce drying time and maximum essential oil yield. 26/10/2021 MSc dissertation
Danielle Gonçalves Bravim Inoculation of yeast and bacteria in wet processed conilon coffee (Coffea canephora). 23/09/2021 MSc dissertation
Caroline Woelffel Silva Effects of green coffee extract (Coffea canephora) on local and systemic changes, in an animal model of colorectal carcinogenesis. 18/06/2021 MSc dissertation
Keila Rodrigues Zanardi Functional effects of yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) and kefir isolated or associated in rats with colon cancer. 16/06/2021 MSc dissertation
Bruno Dutra da Silva Essential oil of Plectranthus amboinicus (Lour.) Spreng: Antimicrobial properties against Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes in vitro and in meat matrix. 24/05/2021 MSc dissertation
Anamares Ferreira Gomes Evaluation of the effects of consumption of yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius), kefir and yacon associated with kefir on intestinal and bone health in rats. 27/11/2020 MSc dissertation


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