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Program description

Federal University of Espírito Santo offers Master degree course in Food Science and Technology with the primary mission to provide graduate training for individuals who have acquired a B.S. degree in courses related Food Science. This degree focuses on the application of science and engineering in properly selecting, preparing, processing, preserving, packaging, distributing, and consuming foods, and challenges students with problems involving chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences as well as into the more applied problems concerned with nutraceuticals, probiotics and prebiotics, food production, stability, safety, quality
Award of a Master of Science requires successful completion of at least two full years of full-time study as well as of a major research study reported in a MS dissertation.


Dr. Consuelo Domenici Roberto
D.Sc. Agricultural Engineering (Food Quality Measurements, Meat Processing)

Dr. Joel Camilo Souza Carneiro
D.Sc. Food Science and Technology (Food Quality Measurementsl, Food Law, and Food Packaging ) 

Dr.Luciano José Quintão Teixeira
D.Sc. Food Science and Technology (Vegetable and Fruit Processing) 

Dr. Luís César da Silva
D.Sc. Agricultural Engineering (Grain Processing, Modeling and Simulation of Supply Chain and Food Industry) 

Dr. Mateus da Silva Junqueira
D.Sc. Food Science and Technology(Vegetable Processing) 

Dr. Mirela Guedes Bosi
D.Sc. Food Science and Technology (Dairy Science) 

Dr. Neuza Maria Brunoro Costa
Ph.D. Food Science and Technology (Human Nutrition) 

Dr. Raquel Vieira de Carvalho
D.Sc. Vegetable Production (Cereal Grain Processing, Biochemistry Process, and Enzymology.) 

Dr. Sérgio Henriques Saraiva
D. Sc. Food Science and Technology (Unitary Operations, and Coffee Industrialization Quality) 
Dr. Suzana Maria Della Lucia
D. Sc. Food Science and Technology (Sensory Science, and Food Development) 

University Information

Federal University of Espírito Santo - UFES has four Campi. Two locates in Vitoria, capital of Espirito Santo State, one in Alegre city, south of state, and one in São Mateus, at north of state. In Alegre Campus is offered: (a) Seventeen undergraduate courses: Agronomy, Computational Science, Biology, Food Engineering; Forest Engineering, Industrial Wood Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, Pharmacy, Physic, Geology, Mathematic, Human Nutrition, Chemistry, Information System and Animal Science; and (b) five graduate course: Vegetable Production (D. Sc. and M. Sc.), Forest Science (M. Sc.), Veterinary Science (M. Sc.) and Food Science Technology (M. Sc.)

Financial issues

Students are admitted into the graduate program either: (i) with an assistantship sponsored by CAPES, FAPES or CNPq; or (ii) with their own financial support. During courses fees are not assessed.


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